Provide 24/7 Live Customer Support

Provide 24/7 Live Customer Support to your customer with Supportzeal AI Chatbot.

Your Always-ON AI Support Team — No Queues, No Wait Time, No “We will get back to you within 24 hours”- Just Instant Answers, Anytime.

Does it sound like you?

Lead and Appointment Hiccups?

Missing out on hot leads and appointments slipping through the cracks? It's like playing catch with slippery eels

Ticket Traffic Jam

Your support tickets piling up like the Monday morning to-do list. Your team is drowning, and your customers are getting impatient. The chaos is real, and the pressure is on

Frustration Zone: When Visitors Leave, Opportunities Slip Away

After-hours silence and “ Will get back to you in 24 Hours”- cost more than missed chats. Frustrated visitors turn to competitors due to waiting time. It's not just a missed chat; it's a missed business opportunity.

Support Training Odyssey

3 months of training, trial, and error – hoping your support team stays. Meanwhile, potential customers flock to prompt competitors with superior support

We have your back!


....having a dedicated support team available 24/7, providing instant responses, collecting hot leads, and scheduling appointments even at 3 AM. Say goodbye to snooze buttons and hello to unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Always-On Support

Provide 24/7/365 support to your customer without hitting the snooze button. Instant responses, no more "I'll get back to you later" drama no matter the time or location.  Your support is always on, always there

Boost Team Efficiency

Double your support team's impact, accomplishing more with the same team size through smart automation

Empower Strategic Focus

Liberate time for your team to dive into higher-level tasks by automating routine ticket responses. Elevate your business priorities without the daily grind

Train and Launch in 15 min

Get SupportZeal chatbot up to speed in 15 minutes! Load it with all your link, knowledgebase, FAQs, and voila – 24/7 support on your site. Your support team logs off, and our chatbot stays on duty answering questions

Save Cost while providing better support

Watch your expenses shrink with SupportZeal ensuring 25X ROI.  We are your financial ally. Save big bucks while delighting your customer

Smooth Ticket Flow

Automate responses for the majority of support tickets, making the resolution process a breeze without burdening your team

Not yet convinced?

Uncover Cool Add-ons

Auto train from human conversations:

Your AI chatbot will automatically learn from Human chat takeover, So next time it can remove dependency on Human Support agents.


Most advanced AI Model

Utilize our cutting-edge AI, trained on massive datasets, for accurate answers and proactive outreach.

80+ language support

Break down language barriers and reach customers around the globe.

Human takeover chat

Transfer complex conversations to the perfect agent based on real-time data and skills, ensuring smooth escalation.

Automatically Book Demos and Appointments

Turn website visitors' conversations into scheduled meetings and demos.

Customized branding and color

Custom seamlessly into your brand identity, delivering a unified experience.

Integrations with your favorite tools

Connect with your existing CRM, help desk, and marketing platforms for effortless collaboration.


This is how we roll

Chuck in your Data

Upload your data – connect sources, toss in files, or let us crawl your site. SupportZeal gobbles it up to train your chatbot. Easy peasy.

Style your Chatbot
Stick it on your Site
Mix with your Tools

Feature Fiesta: Unleash the Awesomeness!

Customer Support
Invite Team
Live Conversation
Collect Leads

Provide Customer Support 24*7

No queues, no wait time—just instant answers whenever your customers need them even if its 3 AM. You have got your back. 

Focus Time

Customer Support: Quick Fixes 24/7!

Got a question? We've got answers – anytime, all the time. Our support is like a friendly neighbor, always there when you need a hand. Fast, personalized help that makes problem-solving a breeze.

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Lead Generation: Chatbot Matchmaker!

Meet your lead matchmaker – our chatbot. It collects, qualifies, and even sets up appointments. Your customers get a personalized experience, and you? You get a steady flow of top-tier leads. It's like business magic, but real and charming.

Measuring our impact on your performance.



Chatbots Created


Leads & Appointments Captured



Queries Resolved

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Sync & Amplify Your Workflow

Connect with your existing CRM, help desk, and marketing platforms for effortless collaboration.

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It interacts with users through a chat interface, responding to user inputs in a natural language format. The primary goal of a chatbot is to provide information or assistance without requiring direct human involvement. is a brand of Brandscalez Digital Enterprises.